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 JWT is working with Torftech Limited and its subsidiary Torftech Canada Inc. for the exploitation of its TORBED® *reactor technology (toroidal fluidized bed technology) for processing ventilation air methane (VAM).  The VAM technology can be applied to a wide range of methane sources such as abandoned mine methane (AMM), gob gas and coal mine methane (CMM).  The aim is to mitigate the emissions of green house gases and to recover energy and carbon credits.  Other applications include coal or biomass drying and gasification for the production of upgraded products.

 JWT  has partnered with Raven Ridge Energy Ventures LLC, RREV, affiliated with Raven Ridge Resources Incorporated www.ravenridge.com, to market the technology.   JWT and RREV will provide processes that will co-produce power, steam or end-products utilizing waste coal and their byproducts.  

The international carbon credit market is expanding rapidly and the companies wish to tap the estimated 0.5 Trillion cubic feet of methane from VAM emissions worldwide (Year 2000 estimates).  

The companies see opportunities in nations, notably China and India, as well as the developed markets of Australia, Western and Eastern Europe and North America.  In these locations there is a substantial amount of power and waste heat that might be utilized, replacing conventional fossil fuel usage and thereby mitigating emissions.

 JWT has access to the Torftech pilot facilities of Process Research Ortech (PRO) in Mississauga, near Toronto in Canada, for validation and testing of client's feeds.  

For further information contact the following parties:

JW Technologies, LLC-Dr. John G Whellock at info@jwtechnologies.com
Raven Ridge Energy Ventures, LLC-Mr. Raymond C.  Pilcher at Pilcher@ravenridge.com

* TORBED® is the registered trademark of Mortimer Technology Holdings Limited UK

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