JW Technologies, LLC
a Colorado Limited Liability Company


 JWT is now actively promoting  TORBED ® Reactor Technology for treatment of Ventilation Air Methane, VAM.

 JWT  is involved in the technology for recovery of contaminated natural gas with Raven Ridge Energy Ventures, LLC.

Recent activities include the study of various methods for recovery of platinum group metals and precious metals.

 JWT  has also been evaluating the reduction of carbon from power station fly ash for recovery of energy and development of recyclable ash for the cement & construction industry.  It has developed and patented a new low temperature process technology mainly for the treatment of the carbon fraction in C-type ashes to reduce foam index and to eliminate ammonia issues thereby enabling sale of the ash for ready-mix concrete applications.  This technology is available for sale or licensing.

 JWT  is an equity partner in a new venture--PLASMA GASIFICATION TECHNOLOGIES, INC in Quebec, Canada.   Evaluations of the use of high temperature processing of wastes, containing organic or oil fractions, have indicated attractive process routes for production of high grade synthetic gas, with simultaneous detoxification of the waste, recovery of metals and production of inert ceramic materials.  The synthetic gas may be used for alternative power generation or as a feedstock for other processes.  Combined with waste heat recovery, overall efficiencies can be a substantial improvement on typical steam turbine cycles.

An in-depth study of an alternative concept for production of high-grade titanium metal and alloys has also been completed recently and now awaits advancement to the pilot and commercial stages.