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Reverberatory Furnace

Reverberatory furnaces offer moderate bath depths and extended charge residence times. They are ideally suited to melting, liquation and refining duties such as lead softening. They are also effective in some smelting applications where mildly reducing conditions are required.
 JWT offers a comprehensive range of parametric reverberatory furnace designs. Furnaces usually have advanced fuel-fired systems and have flooded or sloping hearth designs.  Firing systems may include air, oxygen-enriched or oxygen combustion with a variety of fuel specifications.

Typical Applications
Primary nonferrous bullion, nonferrous scrap, glasses, slag cleaning/treatment, precious metals melting
Primary copper concentrates and dross, lead-copper metallic intermediates, secondary lead and battery scrap
Nonferrous metal refining, alloying, doré bullion, lead softening

Design Features
Low particulate entrainment
Increased thermal efficiency
Rugged construction
Superior heat transfer
Thermally stressed structural design
Continuous charging option
Slag-line cooling options
Tilting option
Atmosphere control
Sparging, lancing or gas injection