JW Technologies, LLC
a Colorado Limited Liability Company

 JW Technologies has strategic relationships with two main companies in the thermal processing technology arena and has agreements to integrate their products into complete systems.
It has an agreement with Torftech Limited from the UK, where JWT assists with process and application engineering.

It has a joint venture agreement with Plasma Gasification Technologies, Inc. of Quebec for processing organic-bearing wastes for recovery of energy values.

Torftech is the designer and supplier of the TORBED ® reactor, a toroidal fluidized bed reactor for thermal processing applications.

 JWT also has its own range of equipment which is detailed in the technology overview in this web site.  

In many instances, the company operates as the integrator of the focal process equipment (whether its own proprietary equipment or that of its licensees) into packages that include materials handling, the process vessel itself and the off-gas handling.

Alternatively, the company is often retained for its process engineering and consulting capabilities in problem solving, technical audits and development of new processes.

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     JW Technologies, LLC
891 Good Hope Drive
Castle Rock, Colorado 80108, USA
Phone: +1 303 773 2995
email: info@jwtechnologies.com

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